The Raven Faerie   

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 We announce with great sorrow that we have lost a Brother.
Darryl Melton stepped through the veil yesterday.   A gifted teacher and friend, with us from the beginning of The Raven Faerieā€™s journey.  Please keep his Family in your hearts and prayers

  • Yuletide Welcome
    Yuletide Welcome
  • Tiamat Guardian of The Raven Faerie
    Tiamat Guardian of The Raven Faerie
  • Crystals And Statuary
    Crystals And Statuary
  • Books of the Realms
    Books of the Realms
  • The Herbal Room
    The Herbal Room
  • One of our Tarot Reading stations
    One of our Tarot Reading stations
  • Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods
  • The Queen's Closet
    The Queen's Closet
  • The Crystal Throne for guided meditations
    The Crystal Throne for guided meditations
  • The Bath Emporium
    The Bath Emporium
Yuletide Welcome
Yuletide Welcome

In a world of sizzling, fast-paced technology there beneath is our creative spirit moving into the current that accelerates all transformation. Our purpose is to provide the tools so you can access the knowledge necessary to unleash the power of the individual. The goal is to align and merge the mind, body, and soul to achieve an optimum flow of one's life force through staying balanced, grounded and centered. At The Raven Faerie we welcome the joy, beauty, and love of all religions. We are a center offering an interactive hands-on approach to the seeker searching for answers to the complexities of walking that spiritual magical path to the Divine. Come explore the wild woods of the Fae, sit upon the Crystal Throne & cleanse your chakras, step into the Temple of the Gods & renew your spirit, browse our Emporium' s vast array of herbs, oils and incenses and review their magical properties for your specific altar needs. Visit our Gift shop areas, to find that special instrument, gemstone or gift Idea or relax in our Art Gallery & see the works of local artisans. There are mysteries waiting to be revealed that nourish and quench the soul.

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December 2022

Gemstone Discovery Lepidolite

The Magic & Mythology of Mint

Readings are Available Daily                       by Appointment or By Walk In!

We Look Forward to Meeting You!