The Raven Faerie   

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Sean McFall :Tarot Reader & Stone Teacher

Sean McFall has always felt a deep connection to stones and crystals since he began walking his spiritual path. He experienced the way that stones can transform you and your environment, and is now called to share this path with other s in this bright and positive world. In his introductory class, you will learn the proper care and uses of various stones.  Join Sean at the Raven Faerie as he shows you the powerful, transformative energies available when you form a relationship with crystals. Feel free to make an appointment with him for classes, advice, or a friendly chat!

Sean is one of the Gifted Tarot Readers at the Raven Faerie and incorporates the usage of Gemstones that will choose the client and bring a personal message right from mother's nature. Call 863-940-2086 to make an appointment.


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