The Raven Faerie   

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Since early childhood, Maya has tapped into the mystical realm of Faery.   For two decades her intuitive gifts, influenced by her Irish and Native American heritage, led her to pursue the mysteries.   Maya is an accomplished artist, published author, both reader and teacher of Tarot and owner of The Raven Faerie. Her work with The Crystal Throne has revealed to others the depths of insight she possesses when stepping into the realm of in-between.

A BlackHeart Feri lineage Initiate of the Anderson Feri Tradition, her focus merges the energy of the realms to the center of in between where as a teacher, her compass encompasses the spiritual power of escaping the illusion of perceived realities.  Her long time Dream to one day offer a doorway into Her magical world for the Beauty, Joy and Love of all religions has finally become a visual reality. 


As a Tarot teacher, she reveals to the seeker a language older than words.  The foundation is built towards understanding how to connect the Alchemical process that lies within the spirit to create the elemental language that empowers the psychic gifts used to explore one's desire for knowledge.  Her curriculum begins with knowing the history of its creation, centuries old, utilized at great risk for communication throughout societies of scholars and theologians. 

First: we step into connecting vibrations of frequency, the current within oneself when letters, numbers and colors stimulate our senses, the how and why.  Using a simple technique, we connect those energies to activate the five senses, teaching them to work in tandem with our third eye.

Next: we connect those senses, we travel through the four corners:  Earth-physical, Air-thoughts communication, Fire-the will to create and Water-the command of emotions to express to the all.

Then: we journey to the Royals who have learned how to balance the all, who first give us the ideal applications of our knowledge, who then reveal the things to look out for as we begin to exercise what we have learned.

Finally, we go on an Adventure to experience the role of spirit, toward understanding the responsibility to self and others in the external world, as well as our own internal Realm.