The Raven Faerie   

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Since early childhood, Maya has tapped into the mystical realm of Faery.   For two decades her intuitive gifts, influenced by her Irish and Native American heritage, led her to pursue the mysteries.   Maya is an accomplished artist, published author, both reader and teacher of Tarot and owner of The Raven Faerie. Her work with The Crystal Throne has revealed to others the depths of insight she possesses when stepping into the realm of in-between.

For the past four years, Maya, has been a devout student of the Feri Tradition where her focus remains on perfecting her talents as guided by her teacher Karina Blackheart, creator of Crafting the Witch and founder of the BlackHeart lineage of the Anderson Feri Tradition. Her Dream to one day offer a doorway into Her magical world for the Beauty, Joy and Love of all religions has finally become a reality.