The Raven Faerie   

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Heather Freysdottir : Tarot & Rune Reader

Heather Freysdottir is a published author and ordained Pagan minister, Lokean mystic, lay nun, writer, editor, and seidkona. She has been Pagan for over 15 years, and explored a variety of paths, including Celtic Paganism, ceremonial and chaos magick, runes, tarot, heathenry, kitchen witchery, Nichiren Buddhism before being called to Norse Paganism. She has worked in membership and leadership positions within EarthFamilies CUUPs. An experienced author and editor, Heather contributes to a variety of publications and social media, including science journals, romance novels, and technology blogs, and she pens the column “Lokean Swamp Witch,” at Witches & Pagans’ blog at PaganSquare. She keeps a personal blog detailing her life with Loki at She also holds degrees in education and speech-language pathology, and has a passion for historical linguistics and all things Trickstery. Her books can be found at