The Raven Faerie   

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      Darryl Melton: Mediumship & Soul Portrait Artist

Darryl is a spiritually gifted artist, rendering portraits of the soul. He is a Tarot & Soul Card reader and a gifted medium working with his clients and their ancestors to bridge the past and future.  Palmistry and Past Life Readings are among his talents.

As a featured  artist, you can find Darryl,  throughout the  day,  creating one of a kind interpretations of spirit for which he is well-known for throughout Central Florida and surrounding areas. We are proud to have him work among us.

 A teacher  of the ancient ways of Druidry, Darryl is available for one on one classes. To schedule an appointment for a personalized session, or to enroll in his classes, please call The Raven Faerie at 863-940-2086.