The Raven Faerie   

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Awaken and master the keys to your power as you travel to the truth you seek through the mysteries once hidden.  Journey with your guides as they take you through a series of discoveries designed to challenge your fears, beliefs, and limitations.  This series will unleash the energies  and lift the veil between notions and truth so that you may know yourself and all your parts.

Listed below are the names of the series of these classes.  Please check the calendar.

Astral Travel

Celestial Realms and Cycles of Time

Chakras and Meridians

Crafting the Spiritual Satchel:

*Teacher: Veronica*

Crystals and Gemstones:

Dreams and Visions

The difference between and how to decipher the message they bring

*Series class 1 Teacher: Maya

Pantheons of the Gods

The Altar of Sacred Space:

*Series cIass I Teacher: Maya

The World of Illusion and Ego

*Series class 2 Teacher: Darryl

Sacred Trees and their Ancient Language

Sexual Energy

Sigils and Talismans

Sacred Animals of the God and Goddess

Stealers of the Soul

The Art of Defense

A Mother's Nature: Her Sacred Communication

Perilous Journeys

Hold Fast: Your Warrior Self