The Raven Faerie   

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The Lotus Temple


    Welcome to the Lotus Temple, this sacred space is filled with the presence of the bodhisattva  Kuan Yin and the spiritual energy of her love for all human kind.  The temple was created for you as a place of calm for the weary mind, a place where one can renew, balance and return to center.... 


    Kuan Yin is the great mother of Compassion and Mercy.  Her name  means “She Who Hears the Cries of the World”, according to her mythology, she took the form of a peacock to see all the pain and suffering in the world, and using her bottle of  sacred waters, began to purify those who seek her refuge,  refusing Nirvana until all are healed. Step into the temple and let her compassion move through you for your own healing to begin. 

   There is no monetary cost associated to our temple . We have found that those who have stepped Inside the temple to relax and surrender to the peace and tranquility leave a gift of blessing from their renewed energy to pass forward to the next soul in need .   Feel free to use the cushions or stools you'll find in the temple for your seating comfort during meditation.

We welcome all energy workers to come and experience the renewing atmosphere of exchanging energy  here at the Raven Faerie for our once a month gathering.  Check out our calendar of events.