The Raven Faerie   

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The Forest of The Fae

The time is in between where the veil to the forest of the Fae can now be seen.  The forest floor illuminates as the wanderer steps through the open gates where vines with jewels and sparkly things shimmer and shroud the leafy green dream. 

By light of the moon and glimmer of sun, Faeries dressed in their finest best, dance and dangle in branches near the raven's nest.  A collection of wares for those who dare; cauldrons, hats, masks and beautiful cloaks to wear.  Boxes forged and charged with magical current for keeping secrets secured and storing treasures, statues of Faeries who unknowingly posed as their images were captured in bronze right down to their toes. 

A mystical place you're sure to find but one thing remember that you must keep in mind, here is where Faeries do dwell so you might feel the weave of a beautiful spell. Time could stand still or go really fast, so you won't know if time has slipped forward or past.  When you find you need leave it may get confusing, but the secret is found in the water that's falling and misting like brew. Be it a wish from the heart or a pause to give honor, just be sure it is heard by the guard of the tower. 

If your truth has been spoken, She'll be your guide through the distracting distractions in the forest of Fae so to this be true and into your view the path will be shown and you'll find the way home!