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In a world of sizzling, fast-paced technology there beneath is our creative spirit moving into the current that accelerates all transformation. Our purpose is to provide the tools so you can access the knowledge necessary to unleash the power of the individual. The goal is to align and merge the mind, body, and soul to achieve an optimum flow of one's life force through staying balanced, grounded and centered. At The Raven Faerie we welcome the joy, beauty, and love of all religions. We are a center offering an interactive hands-on approach to the seeker searching for answers to the complexities of walking that spiritual magical path to the Divine. Come explore the wild woods of the Fae, sit upon the Crystal Throne & cleanse your chakras, step into the Lotus Temple & renew your spirit, browse our Emporium' s vast array of herbs, oils and incenses and review their magical properties for your specific altar needs. Visit our Gift shop areas, to find that special tool, gemstone or gift Idea or relax in our Art Gallery & see the works of local artisans. There are mysteries waiting to be revealed that nourish and quench the soul.
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Walking the Hidden Ways of Faery, Engaging the Realms of Enchantment

Spiritual Readings and Consultations

Orion's primary tool for readings are Vision-Keys Stones This is an oracular style from the Faery Seership practices of the House of Brigh that engages the guidance of the "Tree of Enchantment"(the great wholism of life) through nine principal forces that comprise and influence the creation and destiny of all of existance on the personal and collective levels as they move their allignments in the inner, outer and trandscendent levels (also known as the three-worlds). These readings offer rare insights into ancestral influences, spiritual awakenings, crossroads of change, and entanglements that may need cleared to allow the allignments with our soul's vision and incarnated purpose to blossom and thrive. First, he covers the reading with spiritual blessings using a sacred prayer enlisting the guidance of the heavens above and the soul of the sacred earth, then casts the Key-Stones and reads the patterns. In many cases, advice is given for work the client needs to do on their own or with assistance to mitigate or mediate patterns such as offerings, spiritual cleansings, candle work to name a few.

Walking the Hidden Ways of Faery: Engaging the Realms of Enchantment 


The Faery tradition is too often minimized as mere folk belief in capricious and whimsical nature spirits. Rather, it is a powerful, primal and transformational tradition of lore and practices for engaging the invisible and threshold aspects of nature and the underworld of life in its wildest and most visionary state. The ancestors of every land, across indigenous wisdom traditions, advised us to be in right relationship with the nature spirits, which many know as "Faery". These powerful "angels-in-the-land" are calling us back to our familial bonds with the sacred powers of earth and wind, fire and stone and the powers that flow up from the deep breathing places in the sacred land and our blood knows this call. This weekend will be about hearing and heeding that call. to “deepen” our inter-connective relationship with life and our role as the human component of our planet’s destiny.

Orion will provide lore, poetic introductions, potent techniques and sound advice for approaching this ancient and potent form of magic and folk practice including:

·  The nature of the Faery realms

·  The importance Faery and a relationship with them

·  The tribes of Faery and their natures and powers

·  Entrances to the Faery realm

·  The nature of the three realms of existence

·  The interface of Faery work and ancestral practices

·   Traditional offerings and meeting times and places for encountering the Faery

·  Contemporary practices for an ancient tradition

·  Ceremonies and techniques to develop the subtle senses and a sacred relationship with Faery

*Note: AFTER THE WORKSHOP THERE WILL BE A BOOK SIGNING! We'll have books for purchase or bring your own. 

Orion Foxwood is a traditional  witch, conjure-man and faery seer; and, the author of “The Faery Teachings” (RJ Stewart Books), “The Tree of Enchantment”, “The Candle and the Crossroads” and "The Flame in the Cauldron" (Weiser Books). He was born with the veil (the second sight) in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he was first exposed to faith-healing, root-doctoring, faery lore and the second-sight practices of southern and Appalachian culture; and he has continued learning and teaching these spirit-doctoring practices in workshops, intensives and lectures in America and other countries. He is the founder, and primary instructor in the House of Brigh Faery Seership Institute, where he teaches a multi-year apprenticeship program in the "Tree of Enchantment" lore, practices, traditions and skills. He is a co-founder of Conjure Crossroads (CC), which is a collaboration between five (5) seasoned root-workers and witches focused on preserving and promoting the healing and helping benefits of southern root-work, witchcraft and other folk traditions. CC hosts the annual Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans. He is also a co-founder of Conjure-Craft along with Susan Diamond, which hosts an annual "Meeting of Magical Minds" conference in Santa Cruz, CA and he is a co-founder of the "Witches in the Woods" gathering also in Santa Cruz. He is the Founding Elder of Foxwood Temple, a coven dedicated to passing on the traditional witchcraft of his elders. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services.

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