The Raven Faerie   

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A Spiritual Emporium

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In a world of sizzling, fast-paced technology there beneath is our creative spirit moving into the current that accelerates all transformation. Our purpose is to provide the tools so you can access the knowledge necessary to unleash the power of the individual. The goal is to align and merge the mind, body, and soul to achieve an optimum flow of one's life force through staying balanced, grounded and centered. At The Raven Faerie we welcome the joy, beauty, and love of all religions. We are a center offering an interactive hands-on approach to the seeker searching for answers to the complexities of walking that spiritual magical path to the Divine. Come explore the wild woods of the Fae, sit upon the Crystal Throne & cleanse your chakras, step into the Lotus Temple & renew your spirit, browse our Emporium' s vast array of herbs, oils and incenses and review their magical properties for your specific altar needs. Visit our Gift shop areas, to find that special tool, gemstone or gift Idea or relax in our Art Gallery & see the works of local artisans. There are mysteries waiting to be revealed that nourish and quench the soul.
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You've seen him sitting quietly, watching the non-magical folk drive by while shooting his sparkly powerful magic so you can find the  Raven Faerie entrance door. He's the first one to greet you, sits outside the door in the heat (and sometimes rain...sorry) He can sometimes even be invisible! A terribly patient fellow who has asked for a "Sir Name." Can you help?  Please send your suggestions to  Can't wait to hear from you!